The World's Most Luxurious Cruises

From suites decorated with original artwork by Pablo Picasso and Ralph Lauren furnishings, to the ultimate family-friendly apartment featuring an en-suite slide, Lego wall and private movie theatre, Elite Traveler has compiled a list of the world's most extravagant -- some might say outrageous -- cruise suites sailing the high seas.

The Most Luxurious Holidays For 2018

With Summer nearly upon over, there's still time to get a trip to the sun in. Here are some of the finest, most luxurious trips this year.

Dream Aboard A Rascal

In the warm waters of Raja Ampat, eastern Indonesia, about 1,300km due north of Darwin, the scenes are otherworldly. This is the home of teak yacht Rascal.

New James Bond Museum Opens in Austria

In the last instalment of his adventures, film-goers saw James Bond dice with death in the Austrian Alps. Now in the same location, 3,000 metres above sea level, a museum dedicated to the world of the fictional spy has opened its doors.

The Healing Effects Of Watsu Water Therapy

Performed in a shallow, round pool, heated to 35°C, an hour-long Watsu session can be the ultimate relaxant, as the therapist cradles you, taking on all your weight and allowing you to relax into their arms while you simply drift, with little floats around your ankles.

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