Welcome to BLLNR.SG

SLIDESHOW: Billionaire Singapore recently celebrated the launch of BLLNR.sg at Collision 8. Click here for some of the highlights from the event.

Championing leadership, passion and innovation, Billionaire Singapore will be a community for business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Two years ago, we made a choice to turn our biannual book into a quarterly magazine. Part of that decision resulted in the launch of a local edition in Singapore.

But what does it mean to be a local version of Billionaire? We realised the answer to that lay in the billionaires themselves. Rather than looking at billionaires merely as wealthy people, we looked at what it means to be a billionaire.

If I were to ask you to name a billionaire, whom would you name? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are some of the greatest business leaders and innovators of our time. Billionaires are investors, wealth-generators and passion-driven individuals. They are game-changers in their fields. They are more than just the stereotypes perpetuated by traditional luxury media. And Singapore is a hub for these people.

Billionaire Singapore was created to be a community.

The website will help engage people in their respective fields, getting them to share information relevant to that field. On top of that, we’ll be covering other topics that will be relevant to such a community — providing insight into the worlds of art, culture and luxury.

The SG website differs slightly from the International website. Aside from giving local context to our content, we’ve really drilled into five distinct sections: leadership, which is predominantly focused on people such as philanthropists, entrepreneurs, investors and other industry leaders; art and design, which covers culture, interiors and architecture; style, including watches and jewellery; travel: where to go, eat, stay; and vehicles, including cars and yachts. We will be looking at engaging with industry insiders in each of these sections and producing relevant content.

In addition, we have a few projects set to launch soon. For the past few years we’ve been talking about the need for philanthropy, particularly in the luxury space. For the upcoming Singapore Giving Week, which falls on the first week of December, all content that goes on to BLLNR.sg will be about giving back. We’ve been working with Giving Week and Company of Good (launched by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre — NVPC) on content for Giving Week and our yearly Giving issue — set to hit newsstands in Singapore next week.

Giving Week will also mark the start of a new partnership with entrepreneur and social advocate Elim Chew. We are collaborating with Elim on her Changemakers video series, which will involve interviews with philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and other changemakers. The first video that will run in Giving Week on BLLNR.sg will be an interview with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas and his Apl Foundation.

So what is Billionaire Singapore? Leadership. Passion. Innovation.


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