WHERE TO EAT: The Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Introducing fancier dining options for the cuisine Singaporeans can’t get enough of.

Best Korean Restaurants

Manna Korean Restaurant’s traditional Dolsot Bibimbap

The Korean wave hit our shores pretty hard a few years ago. However, as the fad slowly fades, one aspect of it has left an indelible mark on our shores.

Many Singaporeans cannot get enough of the sights, smells and tastes of Korean cuisine — from bulgogi-smothered barbecued meat to the staple kimchi.

Here we’ve pinned down a list of restaurants for those who want some quality Korean fare, with a side of indulgence.

1. Eight Korean BBQ

If you think you’ve had enough of marinated meat in Korean barbecue, you haven’t tried the ones at Eight. While it is known for its stylish yet industrial setting, the restaurant is most famed for its eponymous “8 Colours” set, which features a tantalising display of Mangalitza pork, thickly sliced, complete with a marinate of exciting assorted flavours that strays from the usual marinate most Korean restaurants use. Eight not only promises a different take on the premium meat cuts, but serve a whole range of delicious traditional dishes, complete with an excellent service team who helps you prepare the food at your table.


2. Manna Korean Restaurant

As one of the pioneering Korean restaurants in Singapore, Manna offers unpretentious Korean fare that satisfies the palette. While the restaurant takes on a modernistic twist on Korean dishes with bolder style and flavour, it still humbly aims to serve rich traditional Korean cuisine with a taste of Korea’s distinct culture. Nestled in a quiet row of shophouses in the middle of the buzzy Central Business District, patrons find comfort not only from the food, but ambience as well.


3. Joo Bar

Be charmed by the sleek, casual and inviting venue within a three-storey heritage shophouse along the streets of Tan Quee Lan. The state-of-the-art bar offers exquisite modern Korean bites and innovative drinks that include the country’s oldest agrarian spirit – makgeolli (Korean fermented rice wine). This well-loved drink is the first in Singapore to be brewed and served on tap, which you can expect to enjoy in the bar’s laid-back ambience while indulging in signature tipples and quintessential Korean dishes.


4. Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ

While barbecue may not be instinctively associated with a fancy dining experience, Chang seeks to prove you otherwise as this restaurant pampers you with delicious fare, luxurious ambience and excellent service that blends both the modern and traditional in its lush tranquil abode of Loewen Road. They surely live up to their promise of being a cut above the rest, with high-quality Korean cuisine.


5. Hyang To Gol

Situated in the grand Amara Hotel Singapore, Hyang To Gol is considered to be a place of choice when opting for a fine dining experience, special occasion or even corporate lunch or dinner. Having served customers who love the traditional taste of Korea for over 10 years, they prize authenticity by placing an invested effort to be consistent in its fare.


6. Kimchi Korean Restaurant

Hailing an executive chef from five-star establishments like The Ritz-Carlton and Marina Bay Sands, chef Choi Ming Chul helms the kitchen of this Korean restaurant that seeks to redefine restaurant dining by not only offering authentic and palatable food, but also offering it in an exquisite and lavish setting. The restaurant also boasts several private rooms for business and family functions.


7. SPECIAL MENU: Chef Jungsik Yim’s limited time only Korean fare at Capella Singapore

This two Michelin-starred guest Chef will be making his first culinary visit to Singapore on 19 and 20 May 2017, showcasing a five-course dinner at Forbes five-star resort Capella Singapore’s fine-dining restaurant, Cassia. Chef Yim will only be in town for two days to present the exclusive Korean menu, so it will only be available for a limited time as stated. Expect to be blown away by Chef Yim’s culinary creativity, which afforded him several international accolades. Anticipate his contemporary style of ’New Korean’ fine dining, which has transformed traditional Korean dishes with refined gastronomic techniques you would not want to miss out on.


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