Will Your Job Exist By 2030?

With the prospect of AI replacing more and more jobs each year, we look at which jobs will exist and which will be replaced by robots.



With the prospect of AI replacing more and more jobs each year, we look at which jobs will exist and which will be replaced by robots.


Which careers will most probably be automated by 2030:


Travel Agents

There was once a time when you wouldn't even be able to go on holiday without the help of a trusty travel agent. Fast forward to 2019 and with such an abundance of online booking systems and consumer savvy, sadly the travel agency world doesn't look like a very stable one. 


Bank Tellers

The term 'cashless society' isn't one that is just floated around, it's becoming a real situation. Apple pay, we chat, paywave - they all help make cash a thing of the past. Couple this with increased technology whereby cash machines can pretty much do everything a bank cashier could and it means we could be waving goodbye to this role too.


Postal Couriers

Hands up who still reads a physical bank statement these days or sends letters instead of emails? We thought so. While package couriers like Fedex and DHL will always be in demand, with a sharp decline in actual post being sent, the old postie looks to be gone by 2030.


Textile Workers

It's not that the demand for clothing or fabric has gone down, but that automation into machines doing the job faster and sadly, better than humans, has been put to a fine art.


The Print Industry

Being in the media industry, this is one we keep an eye on as we watch magazines and newspapers shutting shop on a monthly basis. With such a movement to online consumption of media, good old pen and paper looks to soon be a thing of the past.


However, it's not all bad news as there are some sectors that robots just can't replace.



We can teach robots to do an awful lot but think creatively and be able to evoke emotion and sentiment isn't somewhere we have gotten just yet.


Health Care Practitioner

Nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, psychiatrist- anything that requires a deep, complicated human connection is pretty much safe. Plus with an ever aging population, these roles will be more in demand than ever.


Plumbers and Electricians

If you have sprung a leak and need someone in a hurry, then it's unlikelly going to be a machine, well for the time being anyway. 



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