Could Frankfurt airport’s COVID-19 testing hold the key to future travel?

Do we see a holiday on the horizon?


While countries across the globe begin to open up after long stints of lock-down, travelling and holidays still seem like a distant dream. Or do they? Frankfurt airport has just unveiled a walk-in testing centre where passengers can pay to take a coronavirus test and receive their results within hours.

Simple and relatively seamless, potential tourists can pay US$66 to get the results within six to eight hours and $150 to fast-track them and know the outcome within two to three hours with each walk-in hub being able to process 300 tests per hour.

Launched by German biotech service, Centogene, the service aims to “serve as a blueprint to opening international borders” and aims at eliminating the need for travelers to take part in quarantine stays at the beginning of their holiday, a certain deterrent to potential tourists.

While it’s too early to see if this idea will catch on or if there is a way for it to be rolled out globally, we will take any form of good news relating to the virus right now.

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