Face ID for ATM’s becomes a reality with OCBC

No pin, no problem


Remembering pesky pin numbers is set to be a thing of the past thanks to OCBC’s new face verification services at its ATM’s. While the service will initially be used solely for bank transactions; allowing the service for cash deposits, fund transfers, cash card top-ups and credit card bill payments are next on the list to be able to use the service from next year.


This new verification system comes at a time when despite digital banking taking off in Singapore, OCBC said that ATM usage remains high, with over two million withdrawals monthly. The face verification will also remove the need for OCBC customers to carry around their physical ATM cards, providing a securer alternative, according to OCBC.


Responding to a query on whether taking off a mask for the face verification is in line with current COVID-19 guidelines, the bank said an individual’s identity must be verified in order to perform a banking transaction securely.

“In line with the national guidelines for mask wearing, customers may remove their masks momentarily in order for the bank to ascertain their identities, such as is done at our bank branches to verify a customer’s identity before a transaction is performed at our teller counters,” said Mr Sunny Quek, OCBC’s head of consumer financial services in Singapore.

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