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New Pixel smartphone headlines Google device launch

On Wednesday, Google unveiled a redesigned version of its Pixel smartphone, part of a refreshed line of devices as part of the tech giant's efforts to boost its presence against...

Uber competitor hits Paris roads with Chinese help

An Estonian ride-hailing service started operations in Paris Thursday, tackling market leader Uber armed with backing from China's Didi, bigger margins for drivers and a chief executive...

Dyson to make electric cars by 2020

British inventor James Dyson, who is best known for his bagless vacuum cleaners, on Tuesday announced a plan to produce electric cars by 2020 with a SG$3.6 million investment. 

Top 5 Business Apps To Download This Week

From currency convertors to productivity tools, here are the top five business apps you need to know about this week.

The Business Of Disaster

The rippling effects of world catastrophes on business markets

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