Singapore Based Musiio Secure $1 Million In Seed Funding

Big news for the Singapore start-up.



When it comes to investments for start-ups, this one is a big one. 


According to TechCrunch, the AI music start up has been given a cash injection from a variety of sources to help build better music playlists using AI and other machine learning. one of the first investors is Wavemaker Partners, with the U.S based investor Exponential Creativity Ventures following soon after. With other angel investors also throwing their hat into the ring, the final $75,000 was invested by Entrepreneur First, under EF's accelerator programme in Singapore.


Founded in Singapore, Musiio was started by Hazel Savage, a former streaming executive from Universal, alongside Aron Pettersson, a full stack developer whose speciality is machine learning and neural networks. Their mission is to eliminate the efficiencies in music curation through AI, with their existing technology already being sited as helping one song on US radio network, WFMU, double within two days. 



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